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Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

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Parts of fishing reel | 7 essentials parts need to know

parts of fishing reel

parts of fishing reel

Fishing reels are one of the preferred reel types when fishing. They are easy to use, easy to cast, and are usually quite sturdy.

It is important for each fisher to understand the different components of his fishing reel so he can get the best use of it and what to do when maintaining or changing the line. Here’s a breakdown of a parts of fishing reel.

Parts of fishing reel diagram:

Here we want to showing clear concept for parts of fishing reel.

parts of fishing reel
parts of fishing reel

Details Of parts name:

The Details name and descriptions of the parts of fishing reel is can read and know about details and repair it easily.

1. Handle

The handle is the one you will use to repaint your line once it is out. Rotate with each revolution of the reel handle to pull your line back in and twist it around the spool again. It’s important to make sure the outside of the handle’s mount section is out of sand and grit to keep it rotating easily, especially when you’re reaping the rewards!

2. The body

Reel bodies vary in the make-up of their components. Some are made of plastic, others are made of graphite or even aluminum. The body contains all the important small pieces that make the reel work properly and it is important to look after it. Keep in mind that plastic bodies are prone to wear and tear quickly and do not last very long. Graphite or aluminum options offer long-term and low maintenance problems

3. Gearbox

The gearbox has gears that set the rotation ratio of your reel. Fishing relay gear ratios vary from 1: 1 to 1: 6. So the highest ratio means that every time you turn the handle once, the reel will rotate around the spool about 6 times.

Gearbox torque

Low ratios are intended for raw torque and higher ratios are for faster line recovery. Your fishing style will determine which gear ratio is best for you. Fishing fast and smooth will demand a higher gear ratio for example fishing.

4. The spool

The spool is where your fishing line gets wrapped around. These are fixed so that the line can be twisted around them, without turning and turning joints. Different line capacity and line capacity of different spools are important factors to consider. If you want to cast away or pull heavy fish, you need a wider line capability so that the thicker line or just more lines can be placed in your spool.

5. Drag the adjustment knob

Pull your relay is the pull pull. When you are fishing, use drag adjustable knuckles to increase or decrease the tension. The smaller your drug, the easier it is to swim fish. Different situations call for different tension settings.

For Adjustment:

In some cases, you may want to allow the fish to swim a bit to reduce the strain on your line and rod until you are no longer able to fight. This is especially the matter if the fish is particularly strong and threatens to break your line or rod.

In this case, a good bet is to knock the knob of the drag adjustment down for low tension, with smaller, easier fish to tighten the piece and in other cases it can be done better before the hook has a chance to be loose, or if you just want the fight to end quickly and He has not received any threat to your integrity if line or rod

6. Bail

The bail is a half-moon shape that keeps the spool firm or loose. During ingress it is reversed to allow full freedom of rotation on the outside so that your line can cast smoothly. When the cast ends, it locks the spool so that it can turn the handle only by turning the handle. This prevents the line from returning to the spool asymmetrically and prevents it from moving inward instead of entering after casting.

7. Anti-reverse switch

An anti-reverse switch is another element that locks or releases the reel’s rotation by controlling the gears. It is gears to move in only one direction or both. It provides a bit of rigidity and durability when a fish latches on and gives you the control you need to bring it at your own pace.


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